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Molourphia ... What is Molourphia?  Or maybe it should be, Who is Molourphia? Or is it, When is Molourphia? Could it be, Where is Molourphia?
All good questions, but only ONE is the right question.  To discover Molourphia is to discover everything about and around YOU.  Confused?
Perhaps you should start at the beginning ...  The VERY beginning ...The beginning of time and space.
The beginning of the Universe.
The universe is everything around you, as far as you can see, travel, and even understand.  The universe encompasses all space and matter. Within the universe are huge bunches of stars called Galaxies.  These galaxies are surrounded by vast expanses of empty space.  You live in the Galaxy called the “Milky Way” Galaxy far, far on the outer reaches of this great mass of stars. Could this be Molourphia?  No, this is not Molourphia. But you are getting closer…
The stars that shape Galaxies are each surrounded by objects that orbit or rotate around each star.  These objects are called planets.  You know your star as the Sun.  Together these planets and the Sun make up a Solar System.  In your Solar system nine planets have been discovered..  Molourphia is not one of these planets…
The third planet from the Sun is called Earth.  It is a wonderful creation.  As you can see from space, the planet has land, and seas, and clouds and vegetation.  The planet Earth also has an atmosphere with oxygen that helps you and all mankind, as well as animals and plants, to breathe and live. You’re still not there, but you are getting warmer ...

On this planet Earth, is a great land mass between the seas which is called North America.  One part of North America is called the United States of America.  It is a great nation and you have been blessed to live in this inspired land of Liberty and freedom.  A closer examination of the United States shows a variety of landscapes that make it great.  From the beautiful mountains, plains and forests, to the resourceful rocks, crops and timber..  You will also notice cities and towns full of buildings and people. These  buildings are homes, stores, churches, factories, offices, and even schools..
Did you know, Molourphia is in your school? 

Let’s see if you can find it.  In school, you experience the freedom to learn and be educated.  You learn by studying math, science, reading, history, art, and even writing.  As you write, look into your hand, are you using a pencil?  Have you considered what this pencil is created from?  Your pencil is painted.  It is topped with a metal eraser holder, and an eraser made of rubber.  Formed of wood, the pencil wraps itself around a core of graphite lead. 

Perhaps with this pencil, you can draw Molourphia?  You may already know all of this about the universe but yet you cannot draw or even understand Molourphia.  Nothing you have read explains what, when, who, or what Molourphia is?  At least not yet.  But as you ponder your wooden pencil, you are beginning to see Molourphia. 

Wood is constructed of entities that are so small that you can’t see them.  To perceive these miniature things you need a microscope.  In the microscope you would notice that wood is made up of tiny cells.  Each of these cells multiplies and attaches to other wood cells to form the earth’s most noble trees, as well as, your kitchen‘s tiniest toothpick. This wood contains objects that are even smaller than cells. Tinier critters called molecules make up each cell.  The molecules that compose wood are called the basic cellulose unit.  Molecules build everything in the universe.  They are the air, the water, and even your body.  Below you see the molecule for cellulose.
This complicated world of molecules is the science of Chemistry.  Perhaps here you will find Molourphia?  As you study the drawing of the cellulose molecule, did you notice a lot of letters?  What do they represent?  The “H” stands for hydrogen, the “O” stands for Oxygen, and the “C” stands for Carbon.  These are called Atoms.  Atoms are combined in countless ways to create the molecules which in turn make up everything in the entire universe.  Two scientists named Rutherford and Bohr drew a model to help understand how an atom appears since it is too small to see., even with a microscope. 

But you‘re not done yet...  Within this carbon atom are, yes, even smaller things called protons, neutrons and electrons.  Protons and Neutrons are combined together in the center of the atom which is called the nucleus.  The electrons circle the nucleus in an orbit much like planets circle the Sun. Now you can call yourself a junior chemist!
But what about Molourphia?  Aren’t you about ready to hear about Molourphia?
Well in fact, this is where you find Molourphia.  It is the world that exists in the smallest of all worlds.  The world of the atom.  In this world of Molourphia there are the most miniature of all creatures. 

They are called “Kleazles”  Kleazles are very unique.  Not just because they are so small that they can only be seen with your imagination.  They are unequalled because they are each very special in an individual way.  Let me introduce you to these funny little friends.
First meet Notwen, the smallest of all Kleazles.  Her talent gives her the ability to travel inside the atom.  She can visit the orbiting electrons and speed back to the nucleus whenever she wants, kind of like a messenger girl.  Notwen is pleasant and fun loving.
Relpek is an energetic fellow.  In fact, that’s his job.  He cares for the electrons and keeps them charged with energy.  He ensures that they stay in their orbits and never go wandering.  However, Relpek really doesn’t understand where the orbits are precisely located and he doesn’t care to figure it out.  he complains about everything, talk about your negative Kleazle.  In fact once he’s processed his energy supply, the electron is a pretty negative place to be.
Elyob is brilliant.  She can calculate every orbit and every energy demand in her head.  She knows just about everything about everything.  Elyob lives in the nucleus of the atom and doesn’t do much of anything but think.  She never moves from the center of the nucleus (this may be due to the fact that she thinks she IS the center of the nucleus!)
Notlad, is the keeper of the Proton, he is always happy and cheerful about everything.  Notlad is so optimistic, the Proton is always a wonderful and joyful place, just busting with positive energy.
Ordagova is keeper of the Neutrons.  Talk about indecisive, this Kleazle simply cannot make a decision.  He is neutral on everything.  He never wants to upset anyone or anything.  “Can’t we just ignore things and all get along” is his favorite slogan.  He is so wishy-washy that he makes the Neutron the most neutral place in Molourphia.
Finally there’s Noside.  Noside’s job is to gather energy from the invisible fields that flow through the atoms.  She is in fact the only Kleazle who can gather this energy.  Energy is what keeps the Kleazles alive and doing their duties.  She takes care of the Kleazles and is pretty much Mom to the gang.
Now you have been introduced to Molourphia.  Seems awfully small and insignificant compared to your world.  Or is it?  What would happen if one day in Molourphia one of the Kleazles didn’t care anymore.  Notwen has decided that she doesn’t make a difference in Molourphia and has decided to hide away from the realm of the atom.  She doesn’t want to carry her load in the Atom, besides no one cares if she isn’t around, she really doesn’t matter!
Since Relpek is so negative and can’t stand the positive energy of Notlad, he will not come to the nucleus to find out the orbits of the electrons.  Elyob, who knows the orbit paths, will not travel from the center of the nucleus since she is the center of the nucleus.  Notlad of course would love to visit the electron but his positive energy would knock those electrons right out of their orbits, as well as infuriate Relpek.  Ordagova, gets along with everyone just fine, and would not effect the energy one way or the other if he were to visit the electrons with the orbit information, but he just can’t quite find the time or reason to go all the way out there, besides Relpek might get mad, or Notlad, or Elyob, or Noside.   And then there’s, Noside.  She is just too busy gathering the energy for all of the Kleazles.  She would be glad to go and be a welcome visitor to all, but if she left her post on the nucleus everything would fall apart.  Wow, confusing isn’t it!
Nothing is getting done and all of this because Notwen didn’t do her part.  In fact, without Notwen the atom’s structure is falling apart.  Soon the atom will become less stable and useful.  If the atom isn’t effective the molecule becomes less stable.  Then the wood, then the pencil, then the student, then the school, then the town, then the United States, then the planet Earth, then the solar system, then the galaxy, and finally the universe.  And then there will be nothin’ for Notwen.  
Notwen better start rethinking her little rebellion!
This very nano-second, Notwen has made a special discovery, her actions effect not only her world  but the world of all the Kleazles around her.  In fact she can influence the entire universe with her talent.
Yes, even the littlest Kleazle, in the littlest world of Molourphia can make a difference. With this in mind, Notwen speeds over to Noside’s place and picks up all the energy that Noside has gathered for everyone.  She thanks Noside for her hard work and let’s her know how much she is appreciated.  This makes Noside feel really good about her hard work and so she gives Notwen a big bite of fresh energy, it is very delicious.
Then Notwen races over to Elyob’s nucleus to get the latest update on the electron orbits.
Notwen decides to stay a moment and listen to Elyob explain some of the math behind the orbits.  It’s a little bit over Notwen’s head but she finds it quite educational and even a tiny bit interesting. Perhaps with time she will come to understand more about the great mind and formulas of Elyob.
Next Notwen visits Relpek to give him the electron instructions and his share of energy.  At first Relpek is his grumpy old self and does not want Notwen around.  But when Notwen asks if Relpek will take her for a ride on one of the electrons, Relpek is excited to share his electrons with her. At first Notwen is a little scared but then she realizes that those orbiting electrons are lots of fun.
Notwen isn’t done yet.  She bounces back to the neutron to visit with Ordagova for a while.  Ordagova can’t decide which color looks best for the neutrons so she and Notwen try all kinds of different colors.  They laugh and giggle for a long time.  Perhaps the blue color is best for now.
Her last stop is Notlad, he is just finishing up a proton tune-up.  Notwen watches as Notlad carefully polishes the shiny surface of the proton.  Notlad then spreads the energy that Notwen has brought over the new surface.  It is beautiful.  Notlad finds that he has a little bit of positive energy left over,  he is glad to share it with Notwen.  It makes her feel so good she bounces around for five nano seconds.
Wow, what a day.
After feeling so worthless the day before.  Notwen feels great today. Notwen has gone on the same visits she does every day.  She has been in the same places as every other day.  She has met the same Kleazles as she does everyday.  What is so different? Notwen isn’t quite sure, but now she loves her special talent, it makes her feel all bubbly inside. 

She decides that she likes making a difference.  Tonight she will sleep well.
Because tomorrow she will make a difference all over again.
© Karl Egbert 2000
Did you know …The names of the Kleazles come from famous scientists?

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